• This event is only for Nova Category. • Two team per college is allowed to participate. Each team will have 2 members. • Only first 8 entries will be entertained. • Electronic items or gadgets will not be allowed at the time of competition. • The participants need to make a sellable/usable product from the junk. • The material would be rejected if not found to be a waste product or used item. • Students have to bring their own waste material. Material may include waste cartons, newspapers, magazines, buttons, bangles, plastic bottles, wool, ice-cream sticks, CDs, broken jewelry or ceramic items, old wire frames, toy parts, etc. • A surprise material will be provided on the spot which is to be used mandatorily. • Other than waste material, glue/fevicol, pins, colors, lace, scissors, thread etc. can be used to enhance and give finishing to art work. • Decision of the judges will be final and binding. No. of Members: 2 Members per team Time Limit: 1 Hour. Theme/Topic: Global Warming Installation. Note: Except surprise waste material, nothing will be provided by the host college